I have been working on my job for 21 years and am extremely close to retirement. I have never been one to sit idle, so I am trying to figure out what I want to do after I retire. I am currently in school…taking online classes…to earn my Bachelors Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Finance. I earned my Associates Degree in Accounting in September. I am currently a Notary Public, a Certified Loan Signer, a Certified Tax Preparer and I have recently received my Insurance license through Primerica.

I have so much in the pot that I need to put it all together to create something great!. I prepare taxes during the tax season from my home. Small business and personal. I would like to expand on that service by offering bookkeeping services along with the other services I currently offer. I would like to be able to maintain a steady monthly income that will supplement my retirement income.

I am having the most trouble getting started, with working full time and going to school. Trying to figure what would be the first step, what software to use, (even though I hear Quickbooks is the best), learning to become more proficient in the use of the software, (I am familiar with Quickbooks as I used for school in one of my classes), getting clients and keeping them. I want to start on this now so when I do retire-I would like to do this within the next four years, I can be running my business fairly smoothly.

Getting it to all come together is the biggest challenge. I am pretty much set in the other services I offer except the Insurance part. Still working on making that work for me. So I guess my next step is to set up the bookkeeping and try to obtain clients. I’ve read about virtual bookkeeping. That may be something I am interested in.

My Loan signing has yet to take off. Most signings are requested during my work hours. My tax business is doing okay. I’ve have steady and loyal clients for 20+ years. I would like to expand on that to offer bookkeeping services.

How do I get started?

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