Crazy Legs

I am totally out of shape. We had a fire drill at work today. I am on the 6th floor. Was not too bad going down, but I wanted to be brave and try to walk the 6 flights back up. Not happening today…My legs started having a tantrum. I made it up 3 flights and my legs started shouting out loud, screaming at me as to what the hell I was doing. Asking me if I lost my ever loving mind…

I had to calm them down by getting off the stairs and taking the elevator the other 3 floors. I have to try to not spring something like that on them again. I will have to take it slow and casually break them in. I explained that we may start doing the stairs, but 2-3 flight at a time, gradually adding one more until I can do six comfortably. They agreed and stopped throwing a fit.

I was nice to them and rubbed them down a little. We are good now, but I know better next time…

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